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Senior Questionnaire
Will you need the images for your school yearbook?

Each high school has different yearbook requirements that are constantly changing, so we rely on you to find out that information and provide it to us. Typically we will need to know the email address, deadline and file format.


Some schools also require a particular color background and posing. Please come to your session with this information so we can capture exactly what you need!


Before your school’s print deadline we recommend that you follow up with your yearbook staff to insure they received your image.

Shelby Avenue Marketing

We use our clients in our studio marketing which includes everything from our social media to displays, website, photography exhibitions and competitions. We especially love to post your amazing images on our social media to show them off! Please list the social media you use and your user IDs. If you are not already following us we have an Instagram (shelby_avenue_photography) and a Facebook Page (ShelbyAvenuePhotography). Please like/follow both to get sneak peaks of your images. If you prefer not to be used in our marketing please state that below.


One of the amazing things about our studio is that we are small and give our clients a custom experience like no other. We have one photographer and your session fee reserves our time just for you. These fees are not refundable, so if you find that you can’t make a session at the scheduled time, please reschedule at least 3 days prior to the session and 100% of your session fee will be applied to your account. If rescheduled within the 3 day window of your session but before your session day, 80% of your session retainer will be credited to your account. If you don’t show up on the day of your session, you will forfeit the entire session fee. Please notify us by email at We know sometimes last minute changes are unavoidable, so we appreciate you

understanding that we are a business and must operate efficiently. Please ask if you have any questions!


If it looks like we are going to be faced with bad weather, we will obviously need to reschedule. We will make that call 24 hours prior to the session and reschedule for a mutually convenient time.

How It Works

The Shelby Avenue Photography Senior Experience is much different than other studios' programs. Shockingly, we are not going to offer you overpriced prints or products to purchase. We are going to refer you to a professional photo lab for those or you may process the images at any lab of your choosing.  Imagine only paying $20.00 for a 16x20 (wholesale price from the lab I refer to) instead of buying the image through the photographer and paying over $500.00.  And if you want the High resolutions digital image, you would be paying $150.00 plus for one image.  What we do offer are high resolution digital image buy-outs.  Here is how it works:

CONSULTATION FEE (optional):        $50.00
We can meet at the studio, your home or a coffee shop to discuss clothing, locations and anything else that may be pertinent to the session.  It's a "get to know you and your needs!"  This is also for after the sitting and editing when you need to order photos.  I will be happy to help you navigate 3rd party photo lab sites.  Just bring your laptop!!!!

SENIOR TRAIL (1 hours in and around studio - 2 outfits) - $295.00
SENIOR ROAD (1 1/2 hours in and around studio / on location -3 outfits) - $425.00
SENIOR BOULEVARD (2 hours in and around studio / on location -4 outfits) - $545.00
ADDITIONAL OUTFITS - $75.00 each outfit
Cap and Gown / Letterman Jacket may be used in conjunction with an outfit.
In the previous years I have done, what I call, the STOP & GO splitting the sessions. I found that procrastination became a problem.  We can still spit the session in two and do one in the fall and one in the Spring.  There will be a $25.00 split fee. The second session can not be booked past March 15th of the Senior's graduating year.

A minimum of 75 images per outfit will be sent to the Senior and Parent via Dropbox These images will be watermarked and low resolution for choosing images only.  They may not be shared on Social Media or otherwise but are yours to keep.  After reviewing the images, you can choose your high resolution digital buy-out option.


8 Images - $250.00

16 Images - $400.00

24 Images - $500.00

32 Images - $575.00

Additional Images - $20.00 each

All purchased images are retouched and cropped with and without a watermark.  Watermarked versions are for posting on social media. You will receive high resolution images that can be printed at any size.  Images will be sent to the Senior and Parent via Dropbox.  FYI, all of my seniors from 2021 ordered over 32 images.  

(8.25% sales tax will be assessed on session fees and buy-outs) 

All About the Senior!!!

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