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The Senior Journey

Every Senior is unique.  Their SENIOR PHOTOS should be tailored specifically to them, capturing who they really are deep down inside. 

My fees are structured so that services can be chosen to fit the Senior's particular needs.


A CONSULTATION FEE may not be necessary.  If the Senior knows exactly what they are wanting, we can discuss by phone/text and go from there.  Only if we need to meet before the sitting will this be necessary.

The SESSION FEE will be based on how many clothing choices will be photographed and locations. 

I do not offer printing which is where YOU, said parent of the SENIOR, will save the big bucks.  I offer a DIGITAL BUY-OUT in which YOU choose the number of images you wish to purchase. These images will be retouched, cropped, and transferred to you with a copyright release so that you may print photos and announcements at a lab of your choosing (I will give recommendations, however). Imagine only spending $3.00 for a printed 8x10 (SAY WHAT????).

If this unique program seems to be a fit for you, please contact me and 

accepting appointments now for
Class of 2022

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