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Team Questionnaire

Shelby Avenue Marketing

We use our clients in our studio marketing which includes everything from our social media to displays, website, photography exhibitions and competitions. We especially love to post your amazing images on our social media to show them off!  If you are not already following us we have an Instagram (shelby_avenue_photography) and a Facebook Page (ShelbyAvenuePhotography). Please like/follow both to get sneak peaks of your images. 


If you need to cancel or reschedule, Please notify us by email at  We know sometimes last minute changes are unavoidable, so we appreciate you understanding that we are a business and must operate efficiently so give us at least 5 days notice. Please ask if you have any questions!


If it looks like we are going to be faced with bad weather, we will obviously need to reschedule. We will make that call 24 hours prior to the session and reschedule for a mutually convenient time.

How It Works

The Shelby Avenue Photography Team Sessions  are all inclusive.  With this session, the individual will get the high resolution digital files of their individual banner, team banner/image and the retouched images used for the banners. We do not create packages and offer you overpriced prints or products to purchase. We are going to refer you to a professional photo lab for those or you may process the images at any lab of your choosing. Imagine only paying $3.00 for an 8X10 (wholesale price from the lab I refer to) instead of buying the image through the photographer and paying over $75.00.  And if you want the high resolutions digital image, you would be paying $150.00 plus for one image.  Here is how it works:


- Come camera ready for individual and team photos

- In studio (green screen) or on location

- Includes 1-2 images retouched (one for team banner/photo and one for individual)

- Individual poster generation with size up to 2.75' x 4' (generally on Vinyl)

- Vinyl team poster generation with size up to 5' x 12'

- May opt out of team photo


SESSION FEES: $125.00/individual on location or $150.00/individual in studio green (gray) screen AND $500.00 for the team 

(if the school does not cover this, the cost will need to be divided up between the players / members)


Please email ( me a copy of your TEAM ROSTER 2 days prior to the session.  I will be needing it to create individual proofing folders.  Please include the team member's NAME, PHONE and EMAIL and their parent NAME, PHONE and EMAIL.
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